We Asked Our Developers: What Work Annoys You?

At BitTitan, if you ask one of our developers how long it will take to fix something, a popular answer is “two hours or six days.” It’s harder to convey in text than through voice, but there’s a dash of sarcasm in there.

If you haven’t heard, we’re on a mission to end annoying work. So we went to our dev team—the very individuals who are working hard to help us #EndAnnoyingWork—and asked what kinds of tasks and problems annoy them on the regular.… Read more

Solving the Profitability Problem: #ProfitabilityAutomation

Gartner predicts that by 2020, a corporate “no-cloud” policy will be as rare as a “no-Internet” policy is today.

What else is trending up? Competition in the channel—and frustration, too. The outlook on cloud has shifted as winners and losers have emerged.


Cloud adoption is inevitable, but the success of your business is not. What’s the key to seizing the still-growing opportunity and thriving in a changing industry? In a word: profitability.

Although we’ve been with you every step of the journey, we’ll be the first to admit that we can’t solve your profitability problem with another migration workload, or even managed services.… Read more

It’s time to #EndAnnoyingWork


Even with today’s technology and tools, there are still big problems facing you as an engineer.

These problems keep you from reaching your full potential — no matter how hard you work to deliver for your customers. They can’t be solved by adding migration workloads or even introducing new tools for managed services.

We know this because we’ve heard it from you and felt it ourselves. We put extraordinary demand on you to make the most of tools that often fall short.… Read more

Preview the Snazzy, New DeploymentPro

BitTitan is excited to announce that the preview version of the new and improved DeploymentPro is now available through the MSPComplete platform. It’s simpler, more powerful, and easier on the eyes.

What does DeploymentPro do?

DeploymentPro offers automated, remote configuration of Outlook. This includes profiles, signatures, autocompletes, and PSTs reattached to the new profile.

So what’s new and improved?

  • deploymentproDeploymentPro was completely rewritten in C# to provide a more stable, reliable program. It has a new look and feel, with fewer steps needed to complete your project.
Read more

Ready for Liftoff? Try the New MSPComplete Preview

We showed off the new Preview version of our MSPComplete platform at WPC. The reactions thrilled us as much as it did our partners. As our Founder and CEO mentioned in our WPC recap video, “Partners were super excited for us to help them be profitable and transform themselves into a modern MSP.”

You can preview the newest version of MSPComplete and gain better visibility of your customers and projects in just a few clicks.… Read more

What You Need To Know About BitTitan Dashboard Improvements

We’ve launched several improvements to the MSPComplete and MigrationWiz dashboards, including new features to make customer management and upsell easier. Take a look at what’s changed and what’s new.

MSPC-handWhat’s changed?

The biggest change to your existing process involves a new, customer-centric view to make tracking and managing customers and projects much easier. For those of you using MigrationWiz, you will now need to create and select a customer before creating a MigrationWiz project. Additionally, you can conveniently add users to a project from MSPComplete rather than importing users every time.… Read more

BitTitan Unveils OneDrive Extension for Office 365 Starter Kit for Microsoft Partner Ecosystem

The company’s latest ‘Revenue Stream In a Box’ provides everything IT service providers need to drive and build a multi-workload business

KIRKLAND, Wash. – April 12, 2016 – BitTitan, the leader in cloud services enablement, today announces the launch of the OneDrive extension for its Office 365 Starter Kit. This addition helps Microsoft partners increase profits with Office 365 deployments, opens the door to new and recurring cloud revenue and strengthens customer relationships by successfully selling, onboarding and servicing OneDrive.… Read more

8 Steps to Selling Multiple Workloads & Attaching Managed Services

As the head of sales here at BitTitan, I talk to dozens of Partners every week, and almost all of them are trying to figure out how to sell multiple workloads and attach managed services to their Office 365 projects. Google Apps customers are perfect targets because they’ve already demonstrated a willingness to run productivity in the cloud, and most of them are using at least two or more workloads. It helps that Microsoft’s Office 365 functionality have made it a no-brainer for Google Apps customers to make the switch.… Read more

16 Simple Steps for MSPs to Create a 24/7 Help Desk

The Value of 24/7 Help Desk

So, you want to provide 24/7 help desk support to your customers?  You’re not alone. Offering help desk for your customers and their end-users allows you to differentiate yourself from other MSPs and therefore win more contracts. It also helps you build deeper relationships with your customers which in turn gives you the opportunity upsell even more services they need. Eliminating emergency calls at 3 am doesn’t hurt either!

As the head of BitTitan’s Customer Success organization (also known as the tech support help desk), I lead the team that provides the always-available support that our customers (who are IT service providers) rely on to ensure they complete all of their projects on time.… Read more

BitTitan Unveils New Managed Services Revenue Opportunities with MSPComplete Expansion

Two new products, Concierge and MissionControl for Office 365, help MSPs deepen relationships and maximize customer lifetime value

KIRKLAND, Wash. – February 16, 2016 – BitTitan, the leader in cloud services enablement, today announces the launch of two new products that expand its MSPComplete Service pillar, Concierge and MissionControl for Office 365. Both products enable new managed services, giving IT providers a competitive edge by differentiating their Office 365 offering and adding new recurring revenue streams.… Read more