2016 BitTitan Partner of the Year Award Winners

During our annual party at WPC, we recognized nine BitTitan partners from around the globe who have built their cloud empires as Modern MSPs. Presenting the BitTitan Partner of the Year award winners.

Jenn Martin, our VP of global sales, said, “This award recognizes partners who over the past year have exemplified BitTitan’s commitment to modernizing the cloud services delivery market and pioneering a new category of modern MSPs. Our global partners are truly exceptional, and getting the opportunity to recognize and celebrate their achievements is an honor.”

We’re proud to work with such outstanding companies and individuals.… Read more

Announcing MSPComplete From BitTitan. Sell, Onboard and Service Cloud Like Never Before!

To date, companies have provided Managed Service Providers (MSPs) with tools to help with singular tasks or objectives. This required MSPs to build relationships with many vendors and figure out how to band-aid these tools together. Today, BitTitan introduces MSPComplete, a platform to help MSPs sell, onboard and service their customers. MSPComplete increases profits, lowers technical costs and allows MSPs to establish an ongoing relationship with their customers.

MSPComplete helps you sell.

  • Generate more leads.
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Partnering with BitTitan: Turning Show-Stoppers into Game-Changers

Ever sent an email to a tech support alias, and received what felt like a response written by a robot? Even worse, ever felt like that robot doesn’t actually give you the help you need?

When you contact BitTitan support, you won’t have that problem. Our partners can attest. … Read more

MigrationWiz Partner Guide: Where does my data go?

As a MigrationWiz Partner, your customers have most likely asked you: Where does my data go?  On the surface, the answer is relatively simply: it travels to the destination you select.  However, migrating data is surprisingly like taking a flight from Seattle to Australia – there’s always a layover in there somewhere.… Read more