Modern MSP: Delivering Automation to Customers

How do you mix people and automated processes? You help them work together. For our partners, automation is an opportunity to maximize resources and help more customers. For users, delivering automation streamlines their workflow and lets them get back to business.


ModernMSP: Delivering Automation to Customers

The big problem that were facing and I think a lot of companies are facing is weaving the business processes the actual human beings into the process.

~Matt Ryrie – Betach Solutions Inc.… Read more

MSPs: Automate Service Delivery

Automation effects every aspect of your business. It can help bring down the cost of service delivery for your customers. It can help you scale your business. And ultimately, it can help you and your business get to the next level. We sit down with some MSPs to discuss how automating service delivery can benefit your business.


ModernMSP – Automate Service Delivery

For service delivery, Automation affects all of our business.

~ Mark Alexander – ISC

Automation of our business is going to mean that we have a more predictable business.

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MSPs Discuss Automation Beyond the Office

Automation. At work it helps you stay organized, allows for more productivity and gives you more time to interact and build relationships with your customers. Basically, automation allows you to work smarter not harder which is a great thing for all of us. If automation makes our work lives better, why wouldn’t we all also automate our daily lives? We sat down with our partners to ask them the benefits of automating beyond the office.


ModernMSP – Automation Beyond The Office

When you’re looking at migrating thousands of mailboxes; nobody wants to sit all weekend clicking through that, So it’s all automated.

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MSPs Talk About the Power of Automation

All processes start as manual ones. OK, that may not actually be true, but when you’re tackling a task for the first time, you probably don’t know that it’s destined to happen a lot in the future. The first time you do it, it’s manual. You may not know every step you’re going to need to take, and you can’t predict it is going to be repeated often. Enter automation.

Only after that task comes up several times do you say, “Huh, how can I make this go faster?… Read more

MSPs Discuss Getting Onboard With The Cloud

The cloud. Either you’re already embracing it as an IT consultant or Microsoft partner, or you know you should and haven’t had the time to make a strategy to focus on it. What’s the best approach?

Recently we spoke with some of our partners to hear their thoughts on trends in the industry, as part of our video series profiling today’s #ModernMSP. Previously MSPs shared their thoughts on What is a modern MSP?

The video shows some thoughts from these innovators about what’s going on in the cloud—a trend that’s here to stay (but, as one partner points out, the opportunity to build a business around it may not be open forever).… Read more

MSPs share: What is a Modern MSP?

There’s a constant shift in what it means to be a managed service provider (or a modern MSP). That’s understandable: customers’ needs are shifting, and you need to shift with them. Ideally, though, you are ahead of the game and can lead them in the direction that they need to go. Who’s doing that?

Our marketing team recently interviewed several of our most innovative partners about how they go about leading their customers and by extension, staying ahead of trends in the industry.… Read more

The Life-Work Balance: A Profitable Relationship

The cloud is revolutionizing the workplace. Instead of going to an office every day, it’s now becoming easier for employees to log in and work comfortably from anywhere with a WiFi connection. Paradyne, a BitTitan partner and Australia-based cloud consulting firm, calls this the “life-work balance.” Watch CEO Loryan Strant describe how BitTitan is helping Paradyne maintain this balance, and how MigrationWiz has helped drive their success.

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BitTitan Launches New Partner Program at WPC 2014

Revamped program provides discounts and unique workshops to educate and enable partners to scale their business and enhance their success

WASHINGTON, D.C., July 14, 2014 – Microsoft® Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC), booth #1707 – BitTitan, the IT change automation expert for cloud-based migration and onboarding, today at WPC 2014 launched its revamped partner program. The BitTitan Partner Program​ not only includes product discounts, but also adds certification and a new workshop element that will help existing and future partners worldwide easily grow their business, as well as capitalize on the cloud opportunity.… Read more