Partner Spotlight: Sam Restifo, Microsoft MSP Business Development Lead, APAC

This month, we’re focusing on Cloud Profitability with MSPComplete.

On June 21st, we partnered with Sam Restifo, Microsoft MSP Business Development Lead for the APAC region for our Cloud Profitability Webinar series discussing how MSPComplete can help partners grow their cloud business through standardization.

Early in his career, Sam used his background in engineering and architecture to develop and deliver the first in-market Microsoft Cloud OS Network platform in Australia. Today, Sam uses twelve years of experience with cloud and managed services technology to help partners in APAC drive business growth through Azure.… Read more

Partner Spotlight: Melissa Mulholland, Microsoft Partner Cloud Profitability Lead

This month, we partnered with Melissa Mullholland, Cloud Profitability Lead at Microsoft, to help partners succeed with the Microsoft CSP program and become Modern MSPs with MSPComplete.

At Microsoft, Melissa is the worldwide lead driving strategy and business development for profitability in the cloud. She spent the last 7 years at Microsoft in the small and medium customer partner segment across roles in sales, operations, and marketing. Most recently, she led the strategy and execution of programs across 200 of Microsoft’s sales leads globally, deepening her knowledge of cloud challenges and growth across developed and emerging markets.… Read more

Video: Experts Discuss Creating Recurring Revenue

Recurring revenue starts with delivering recurring value.

Ongoing managed services are an opportunity to better align your offerings to customer needs and to examine your delivery process.

When MSPs identify where existing or new customers can benefit from continued support, they increase their business value, drive business growth, improve their profitability, and develop better customer relationships.

In this Modern MSP video, BitTitan partners discuss how recurring revenue is a powerful step in rethinking how you deliver value to customers and grow your business.Read more

Partner Spotlight: BlumShapiro Consulting & Concierge

Meet BlumShapiro Consulting

PrintBlumShapiro is the largest regional business advisory firm based in New England, with offices in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. The Consulting service lines provide services across a wide spectrum, including management consulting, technology consulting, project and portfolio management, and software and business process outsourcing.

As a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) and Gold Partner, the technology consulting arm of the company is focused on growing its cloud business, including Office 365 services.Read more

Why Modern MSPs Invest in Azure

What does it mean to invest in Azure?

In this new ModernMSP video, IT professionals from around the world share how Azure brings value to their business and to their customers. Watch and learn how choosing to invest in Azure leads to new partnerships, services, and business opportunities!


Ready to introduce and invest in Azure for your business? Run your own four-week marketing campaign with the Kick Some Azure Campaign-in-a-Box. Educate and connect to customers with blog posts, emails, social media, and more!… Read more

Partner Spotlight: GoCloud Systems & Concierge

Meet GoCloud Systems

gocloud-logo-largeGoCloud Systems of Wellington, New Zealand is a Microsoft Gold Partner and Microsoft Cloud Specialist in Office 365, Azure, and Dynamics CRM. A fast-growing company, this Modern MSP is focused on strengthening relationships and delivering customer lifetime value in the cloud.

David Brabant, co-founder of GoCloud, has been in IT for over 20 years, riding the waves of the changes in the industry to build a successful business on the cutting edge. “We’re just focused on the cloud,” he explained.Read more

Partner Spotlight: Insync Technology & HealthCheck for Azure

Meet Insync Technology

insync_auMicrosoft’s Australian Emerging Partner of the Year in 2015, Insync Technology is blurring the lines between a traditional Systems Integrator (SI) and a Managed Services Provider (MSP). The company, based in Newstead (just north of Brisbane), boasts high customer retention due to its commitment to innovation and deep expertise regarding platforms, productivity, and identity. Although Insync claims no likeness to the popular 90’s boy band, it still manages to make customers’ hearts throb with powerful business solutions for industries including education, local government, and corporate enterprise.… Read more

Case Study Video: Blue Chip Consulting Group

At Blue Chip Consulting Group, automating cloud migration is mission-critical to the process of delivering enterprise strategies. With BitTitan MigrationWiz, Blue Chip can move their clients to the cloud quickly and easily, letting them focus on crafting unique solutions for their clients.

Learn more about how BitTitan helped Blue Chip move multiple workloads comprised of 5,000 users in more than 20 countries to the cloud—all in one weekend.

ModernMSP: Attach Managed Services

A ModernMSP is always looking for more sustainable and adaptive solutions that can transform their business. Don’t get stuck in the past by simply reselling. Learn how to attach managed services that will build long term relationships with your customers.


ModernMSP – Attach Managed Services

People who just resell products, you know – lose vision of what’s coming in the future,right? If they’re selling a product that’s great today doesn’t mean it’s the same product going to be great tomorrow.

Read more

ModernMSP: Migration is just the Beginning

Are you just doing migrations and stopping there? If so, you are missing out on valuable opportunities to make the cloud profitable. Modern MSPs increase customer lifetime value by driving consumption and adoption within the cloud – and you should be doing that, too! Get up to speed by watching this video:


ModernMSP – Migration Is Just The Beginning

The modern MSP to New Signature really is “forward thinking” with our clients. It doesn’t stop by just moving them to the cloud.

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