The Perfect Pair: Azure Everywhere and FREE HealthCheck for Azure

healthcheckA big challenge partners face when selling Azure isn’t showing customers its value — it’s demonstrating their unique opportunities and why they matter right now.

Microsoft gives partners funding to run Azure Everywhere workshops where they can show customers how to transition workloads and produce consumption plans for their businesses.

The critical step to a successful Azure Everywhere workshop is giving customers the data they need and explaining what it means for their business.

BitTitan HealthCheck for Azure transforms Azure Everywhere workshops by giving partners the data they need to illustrate true ROI and helping customers who are paralyzed by the unknowns.… Read more

2016 BitTitan Partner of the Year Award Winners

During our annual party at WPC, we recognized nine BitTitan partners from around the globe who have built their cloud empires as Modern MSPs. Presenting the BitTitan Partner of the Year award winners.

Jenn Martin, our VP of global sales, said, “This award recognizes partners who over the past year have exemplified BitTitan’s commitment to modernizing the cloud services delivery market and pioneering a new category of modern MSPs. Our global partners are truly exceptional, and getting the opportunity to recognize and celebrate their achievements is an honor.”

We’re proud to work with such outstanding companies and individuals.… Read more

BitTitan: Microsoft’s Partner of the Month

We are excited to announce that BitTitan has been chosen as Microsoft’s Partner of the Month for April! Hooray! BitTitan’s VP of Worldwide Sales, Jennifer Martin, sits down with Microsoft’s Kirby White, to discuss setting apart your cloud business, making more money, partner collaboration and everything in-between.… Read more

In Memoriam of SQL Server 2005

SQL Server 2005, age 11, passed away on April 12, 2016 at Microsoft HQ. It was the father of several versions of SQL Server, including versions 2008, 2012, 2014 and 2016—not to mention Azure SQL.

Born in Redmond, Wash., SQL Server 2005 was the son of SQL Server 2000. He grew up looking to help people “reduce application downtime, increase scalability and performance, and provide tight-yet-flexible security controls,” as once described.

He loved data with a passion and collected all kinds with relish.… Read more

Cloud Service Providers Are Beating On-Prem Competitors, But Still Have A Long Way To Go

IDC just published the first installment of a five part report about Microsoft’s partner ecosystem. The key takeaway: cloud-focused partners are beating their on-prem-focused competitors. Here are some numbers from the report:

  • Cloud partners are growing twice as fast year-over-year as their on-prem competitors (24% compared to 12%)
  • Cloud partners gross profit is 50% higher than their on-prem competitors (41% compared to 27%)
  • Cloud partners have 1.8 times more recurring revenue than on-prem partners (52% compared to 29%)

These numbers look good on the surface but, when you really analyze them, I think they show that cloud service providers still have a long way to go.… Read more

How BitTitan Transformed Itself from a Data Migration to a Service Enablement Company

Computer Dealer News Article

It seems only yesterday that BitTitan emerged as an up and coming data transfer company with a heavy focus on Microsoft solutions, offering services such as OneDrive and Office 365 migrations.

Today, the company is heavily shifting its image to becoming an MSP enablement company, albeit one that is continuing its relationship with the Redmond software giant.

To do so, it has been watching market trends, especially those set by its partner, and trying to help align Microsoft’s enormous channel network along those lines.… Read more

BitTitan Unveils New Managed Services Revenue Opportunities with MSPComplete Expansion

Two new products, Concierge and MissionControl for Office 365, help MSPs deepen relationships and maximize customer lifetime value

KIRKLAND, Wash. – February 16, 2016 – BitTitan, the leader in cloud services enablement, today announces the launch of two new products that expand its MSPComplete Service pillar, Concierge and MissionControl for Office 365. Both products enable new managed services, giving IT providers a competitive edge by differentiating their Office 365 offering and adding new recurring revenue streams.… Read more

CRN’s Interview with BitTitan’s GM of Products

Check out CRN’s awesome article about the Azure Starter Kit featuring Vice President & General Manager of Products, Rocco Seyboth. And after you’re done reading the article, click here watch our Azure Starter Kit Deep Dive webinar recording featuring Amanda Hill, National Partner Technology Strategist from Microsoft, and Vince Fourier, CIO of BitTitan.

BitTitan’s Azure Starter Kit Gives Microsoft Cloud Partners An Entry Point To Selling Azure

Microsoft has around 77,000 “cloud transacting partners” and the software giant wants all of them to sell Azure, its public cloud.Read more

Your Privacy is Important to You… But It's Really Important To Us!

BitTitan is pleased to offer European customers EU Model Clauses that provide contractual guarantees around transfers of personal data in Europe.  BitTitan is also the first US data migration company to take this critical step in assuring customer data privacy.… Read more