Stay Organized with Custom Tags in MigrationWiz

If you’ve used MigrationWiz, you’ve probably also used its sorting and filtering options to further streamline your migration projects. These options include Created Date, Last Updated Date, Source Email, Destination Email and Status. And now, based on some great user feedback we’ve received, we’ve taken things a step further: custom tagging is now available in MigrationWiz.… Read more

The Real Cost of Free Migration Tools

When all is said and done, are free migration tools really “free”?

Simply put, the short answer is no. When you factor in manual configurations, long project completion times, and restrictive dependencies and requirements, the real cost of free tools isn’t free at all. So what’s the best alternative? … Read more

Cost-Effective Mailbox and Document Migration to Office 365

Imagine this — your customer is ready to migrate from Google Apps to Office 365. The whole suite has to be migrated: Google Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Drive. MigrationWiz is already the perfect one-stop suite to perform these types of migrations, but we’ve added a new option that makes it even better. Now you can perform document migration to Office 365 at an even better cost.… Read more

Introducing MigrationWiz: HIPAA Compliant

BitTitan has recently launched MigrationWiz HIPAA Compliant. If you are considering offering solutions for US-based healthcare-related segments, please read on to see how HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and the HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health) Act impact your business and the risks of operating in this highly-regulated sector. … Read more

Easily Migrate Public Folders in Exchange 2013 to Office 365

Many people looking to migrate public folders from Exchange 2007 and 2010 to Office 365 do so with Microsoft’s array of “native” tools. But there’s currently no native method of migrating public folders in Exchange 2013 to Office 365.

With MigrationWiz, this can easily be accomplished – and when we showed Exchange blogger Todd Nelson how easy it is, he couldn’t believe his eyes. … Read more

PowerShell for MigrationWiz

We’re happy to announce the latest version of PowerShell support for MigrationWiz! This will help partners and customers to increase the speed of execution and the ease of management of migration projects.

Unfamiliar with PowerShell? Here’s a quick list of benefits it offers: … Read more

The Life-Work Balance: A Profitable Relationship

The cloud is revolutionizing the workplace. Instead of going to an office every day, it’s now becoming easier for employees to log in and work comfortably from anywhere with a WiFi connection. Paradyne, a BitTitan partner and Australia-based cloud consulting firm, calls this the “life-work balance.” Watch CEO Loryan Strant describe how BitTitan is helping Paradyne maintain this balance, and how MigrationWiz has helped drive their success.

Read more

Ten Reasons to Use MigrationWiz

Plenty of third-party tools promise the smoothest possible email migration experience, but these tools often don’t account for the potential pitfalls that can torpedo a project. User downtime, cost, training, and compatibility issues top the list, with a fair amount of other concerns on the list as well. … Read more

New MigrationWiz Interface: Migrate from your Mobile Device

As of Nov.1, MigrationWiz will make a complete switch from the classic user interface (UI) to the new updated UI. This is a huge change and we at BitTitan are thrilled it’s finally happening! In this post, I’ll take you through the improvements and show you why we’re so excited.

Thanks to MigrationWiz, migrations have become an agentless process. Our notification system sends you immediate alerts as each event during the process occurs. But what happens when you’re not near a computer?… Read more

Migrate your PST files with MigrationWiz


People have built up a lot of PSTs in the years because of small mailbox sizes, use of mail systems that saved data locally, etc. But, using PST files also has its downsides. Let’s take a look at a few… Read more