IT Services Horror Stories… Are You Scared Yet?

Happy Halloween! Or is it?

punkin horror storiesWe share a lot of success stories here. We love to focus on new ideas that help MSPs and bring them to life.

But great ideas solve problems and we’ve heard a lot of scary stories that pointed us to problems faced by the IT community.

Instead of Trick or Treat we’re going to share the ones that shook us most.

Grab a blanket, check on your server, change your passwords, and backup your data!

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Case Study Video: Blue Chip Consulting Group

At Blue Chip Consulting Group, automating cloud migration is mission-critical to the process of delivering enterprise strategies. With BitTitan MigrationWiz, Blue Chip can move their clients to the cloud quickly and easily, letting them focus on crafting unique solutions for their clients.

Learn more about how BitTitan helped Blue Chip move multiple workloads comprised of 5,000 users in more than 20 countries to the cloud—all in one weekend.

Breaking into the Enterprise: 12 TB in Two Days with MigrationWiz

Nearly 10,000 users. 20 TB of data in total. Two weekends to migrate. Mission: impossible? Not for us, nor for you.

Recently, our Service Engineering team had a unique opportunity: to deliver a large, complicated migration with a tight, unwavering timeframe. The expectation for a complete success was minimal, but in true BitTitan fashion, we huddled, shrugged, declared “here we go,”—and proceeded to hit it out of the park.

The problem:
BitTitan was approached by a partner to migrate 20 TB of data for their enterprise customer.… Read more

Stub Rehydration: What You Need to Know

Some backstory: In the “old” days, mail systems didn’t have 50 GB mailboxes like in Office 365 (I know it’s hard to believe, but trust me). Mailboxes were small because the storage of mailboxes was expensive. Saving and retrieving data had to be fast, and equally so the storage, requiring high-RPM disks. That meant that you had to invest in more expensive storage. Increasing a mailbox size had the downside of a much higher price in storage costs.… Read more

Help Colleges & Save with Discounted Mailbox Migration

Ready to get student users onboarded to Office 365? BitTitan will get you there with special BitTitan pricing for educational institutions.… Read more

BitTitan User Interface Enhancements


An example from the updated MigrationWiz User Interface. While the look & feel of the dashboard has changed, the content & layout have not.

Why is the User Interface Changing Now?

Your business is not just about email migration, and neither is ours. BitTitan recently announced MSPComplete, our new platform to enable IT service providers across every area of their cloud business: selling, onboarding and servicing. Hopefully you’ve already started using the new tools and products available in MSPComplete, like SalesAutomation, HealthCheck and CloudArchive.… Read more

MigrationWiz extends its support for Exchange 2016 with Public Folders

Ever since Exchange 2016 was released in preview, MigrationWiz was able to support Exchange 2016 as a source and as a destination for mailboxes. We are now happy to announce that Public Folders are supported as well.

Just go to MigrationWiz, sign in and select public folders migrations when you create a project.  Visit our community site for more resources and step by step migration guides.… Read more

MigrationWiz Now Offers PST as a Destination

Now in MigrationWiz, when you are migrating from email sources like Exchange, Exchange Online and Google Apps, you’ll have a new “destination” option available of “PST”. When you select this feature the mailboxes you are extracting from the source will be exported to user-based PST files on the Azure storage account of your choice.… Read more

Migrations to and from Exchange 2016 with MigrationWiz

Microsoft Exchange 2016, the latest version of MS Exchange products, has been released in General Availability.… Read more

BitTitan and Sonian Partner to Offer Unrivaled Email Archiving Services

Partnership provides easy, secure and compliant single offering to move, store, access and manage email archives in Office 365 and the cloud  

KIRKLAND, Wash. – June 29, 2015 BitTitan, the cloud enablement provider, today announces a partnership with cloud-based archiving pioneer Sonian to offer cloud-based email archiving and data migration services. The partnership provides a seamless solution for migrating email to Microsoft™ Office 365™ and preserving that valuable data in a secure cloud archive. BitTitan is an integral part of the Office 365 migration process, automating the move of more than two million mailboxes a year with its cloud-based email and data migration solution MigrationWiz®.… Read more