What Kind of MSP Are You? (Part 3)

“Be different: Bundle Like a Boss”

Last week, we looked at MSP Persona #2: Established as a Modern MSP. This week, we’re focusing on Hosting and Large Service Providers looking to differentiate their business and streamline their processes.

When you have support, processes, and a workforce in place, it’s hard to figure out how to stay fresh in the marketplace. With quality services and a strong reputation, how do you decide what to focus on?… Read more

What Kind of MSP Are You? (Part 2)

“It’s always easiest to stop a problem before it starts.”

Last week, we looked at MSP Persona #1: New to being a Modern MSP. This week, we’re focusing on MSPs that generate recurring revenue and are ready to work on their service delivery.

When growing your business, there are always competing priorities: Expanding your services, increasing revenue, and finding new customers.

For an MSP that’s reached these milestones, it’s easy to wonder “what now?” To truly differentiate your business and improve your workflow, the next step is becoming a proactive MSP.… Read more

What Kind of MSP Are You? (Part 1)

Knowing where to start can be just as difficult as knowing where to go.

We’re constantly trying to become better at what we do and how we do it. For an MSP looking for new ways to add value to its business, there are challenges at every stage of growth.

In this series, we’ll feature MSPs at different stages of growth. Find your match and see what steps you can take to become your best MSP!… Read more

Proactive vs. Reactive Managed Services, Part 2

In part one last week, we looked at a few ways to communicate the value of a proactive managed services approach to your customers.

With MissionControl for Office 365, you can demonstrate the power of a proactive (vs. a reactive) approach that sets you apart from your competition.

Let’s take a closer look at two examples from the infographic we created.

(Download and share it to show your customers the value of a proactive approach vs.… Read more

Proactive vs. Reactive Managed Services, Part 1

How do you differentiate your managed services and offer value to your customers?

If you’ve got the keys to their kingdom, you have a huge opportunity for you to offer value to customers through proactive managed services. You can maximize customer lifetime value and differentiate your business, especially if your competition is more “reactive.”

A proactive vs. reactive approach in the eyes of your customers

Do your customers understand what you’re doing in their environment?

Many organizations, especially SMBs, are unaware of their own compliance needs, potential risks, and the benefits they could get from a provider’s proactive approach to managing their environment.… Read more

Closing the Gap of the Managed Services Expert

The cloud has brought about a new era for selling IT services, and it asks a lot of providers. Say it with me: caveat venditor. Okay, I don’t speak Latin either, but it means “let the seller beware.” Gone are the days of caveat emptor “let the buyer beware” when decision makers lacked access to information and feared being swindled by the likes of a used car salesman. Now buyers—your clients—have every opportunity to know exactly what they’re getting from you: quality in cloud services.… Read more