Stub Rehydration: What You Need to Know

Some backstory: In the “old” days, mail systems didn’t have 50 GB mailboxes like in Office 365 (I know it’s hard to believe, but trust me). Mailboxes were small because the storage of mailboxes was expensive. Saving and retrieving data had to be fast, and equally so the storage, requiring high-RPM disks. That meant that you had to invest in more expensive storage. Increasing a mailbox size had the downside of a much higher price in storage costs.… Read more

Migrating to Office 2016: Autodiscover

As you may have heard, Microsoft released Office 2016 a few weeks ago into general availability, so now the primary supported version of the Office suite is the 2016 version. (This is likely the last version to use a year as its version number.)

As you might expect, this new version means changes that can affect your migrations.

Outlook 2016 Better Overall for Users

If you have been using Office 365 and chose to go for a licensing model that includes Office, you will be familiar with Office Pro Plus—Microsoft’s Office service that allows you to install Office on five different machines.… Read more

Cost-Effective Mailbox and Document Migration to Office 365

Imagine this — your customer is ready to migrate from Google Apps to Office 365. The whole suite has to be migrated: Google Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Drive. MigrationWiz is already the perfect one-stop suite to perform these types of migrations, but we’ve added a new option that makes it even better. Now you can perform document migration to Office 365 at an even better cost.… Read more

PowerShell for MigrationWiz

We’re happy to announce the latest version of PowerShell support for MigrationWiz! This will help partners and customers to increase the speed of execution and the ease of management of migration projects.

Unfamiliar with PowerShell? Here’s a quick list of benefits it offers: … Read more

Dealing with Terminated Employees During Migrations

You are migrating your company mailing system into Office 365, and tons of user mailboxes need to be migrated into Exchange Online. But how do you deal with terminated employees and users? Are you going to set up users and pay for an Office 365 license to get their data over as well?

Microsoft’s Office 365 has a lot of options to deal with terminating users when they are already on Office 365.

  • Converting the user mailbox into a shared mailbox.
Read more

SMTP Errors: We Get By With a Little Help From Our Friends

Earlier this week, António Vargas wrote a post on his blog about this SMTP error message he encountered while using MigrationWiz:

Your migration failed checking source credentials. The SMTP address has no mailbox associated with it. Error: ErrorNonExistentMailbox Detail: SmtpAddress

When you take a look on our community site, you will find that this error is usually generated when either the source or destination target does not exist. António went even further with this, and was so kind as to provide an explanation.Read more

MigrationWiz Adds Google Vault to Supported Platforms

When you migrate data from Google Apps, chances are you’ll want to migrate more than just your email messages. While previous iterations of MigrationWiz already supported Google Mail, Calendar, Contacts and Drive, it now supports Google Vault – unlocking a new list of possibilities for migration projects.… Read more

New MigrationWiz User Interface Gives Users Flexible Options

MigrationWiz provides users with plenty of flexible options to perform each project. After millions of successful migrations, we were able to identify three best practices that we now recommend to each customer: Big Bang, Pre-Stage, and Quick-Switch. The pros and cons of each type are explained further on our community site.

But in this post, we’ll  also let you know about some exciting changes we’ve added to the new MigrationWiz user interface that will make your migrations even easier.… Read more

Office 365 Clutter in Your Mailbox

One of the features that we have been waiting for in Office 365 is the clutter function. It will help you to streamline information in your inbox that you do not consider to be “important” but it is not to be marked as spam or junk emails.

This feature will you allow you to remove the less important or unimportant mails from your inbox and remove -hence the name- clutter.… Read more

MigrationWiz PST Migration with BitTitan Storage

The PST Solution that BitTitan released few weeks ago uses Azure Storage Account as the primary storage for PST Files. For smaller migration of for company that have no Azure Storage account available BitTitan gives you the option to use their Azure Storage Account as a temporary storage account.… Read more