Office 365 PowerShell Tip: Bulk change UPN’s

Sometimes you may provision accounts in Office 365 before any sort of domain validation.  In this case, you don’t want to hit up each user account and manually change the UPN one at a time, possibly leading to setting something incorrectly.  We’re going to give you some PowerShell code you can cut and paste to make this change.  This code will effectively:… Read more

How to Test and Verify Credentials

Before you migrate, you should always check to make sure your credentials are correct among other things to ensure a smooth and pain-free transition.… Read more

Exchange 2010 Throttling: Impact On Migrations

Exchange 2010 introduces new client throttling features which can have a direct impact on migration planning. The feature is designed to prevent some clients from consuming excessive server resources. As with cell phone bandwidth usage, usage distribution is often skewed, with a small percentage of users consuming 95% of resources. Unfortunately, as a provider of cloud-based migration, our usage patterns are quite different from what you could expect from a single client responding to emails. After all, our technology is designed to push as much data as possible in the shortest amount of time possible to reduce the impact of migrating data.… Read more

Google Gmail "Web Login Required" or "Invalid Credentials" errors

When migrating or accessing Google Gmail, you may encounter one of the following errors even though your user name and password are correct: 1) Web Login Required or 2) Invalid Credentials.

Like the big black box Google is, they don’t comment on security related problems/features that they implement. In addition, the error codes/messages that they present are not always decipherable. When searching the internet for these errors, you will only read about user experiences and what people have tried.… Read more

Manually Configure Outlook for Exchange Online

NOTE: These steps apply to BPOS.

I could not find any documentation anywhere on how to configure Outlook with Exchange Online. The only way that I discovered was to install the Microsoft Online Services Sign In Application which configured your MAPI profile for you automatically which I found several bugs in that didn’t work for me.

The following are the exact steps for Outlook 2007 on Windows Vista. Any other version of Outlook may vary slightly.… Read more