Modern MSPs Win with High-Value, High-Margin Cloud Services

Reselling licenses does not yield a high-value business.

Let’s say you’ve been reselling XaaS apps licenses at $50 per user per year with a 20% reseller commission. As a license-only business, you will generate only $50,000 in annual gross margin even after the sale of 5,000 licenses.

Clearly, the value of any XaaS application or hosted service is not in its direct contribution to your bottom line. The value is in using hosted apps and services as a foundation for building high-value IT solutions that you strategically select, integrate, customize, and support as a managed service.… Read more

Change Your Approach to Profitability with Automation

The cloud is not keeping ITSPs from being more profitable.

A GeorgeMellor-1-150x150new ModernMSP article by George Mellor, President and CEO of  KloudReadiness, points out that a focus on how external forces are hurting profitability is a missed opportunity to take control of the internal conditions affecting gross margins.


Though the cloud represents more competition in a crowded space, there are immediate opportunities for ITSPs to increase their profitability.

Examine how you use automation before expecting results.

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A Christmas Carol for Modern MSPs

You’re probably familiar with the classic Dickens tale, A Christmas Carol, as it surfaces in one form or another every holiday season. There are many great versions inspired by the original, indeed!

Maybe you’re like us and your favorite rendition is, of course, A Muppet Christmas Carol?

At least it was our favorite. Until George Mellor, President and CEO of KloudReadiness, shared this version on…

On a frigid and foggy Christmas Eve, a shrewd, hardworking, good-spirited businessperson named Vincent Andrew Reseller, his friends used to call him VAR, works meticulously in his counting-house. 

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Overcoming Privacy and Security Hurdles and Growing Cloud Adoption in Europe

Europe is feeling safer in the cloud with major changes

For those in Europe, privacy concerns and little education around how cloud providers manage and protect data have kept many businesses from moving to the cloud. That, plus a lack of in-region cloud infrastructure to meet compliance needs. However, we’re starting to overcome those hurdles, and more businesses in Europe are shifting to the cloud. We can only expect this trend to continue.

Microsoft cloud data centers doubled in the past year

To date, Microsoft has invested nearly €3 billion to build new data centers in Europe.… Read more

Starting Your IT Support Mission

Help when you need it isn’t a tough sell. But differentiating your business through IT is a challenge since it’s an industry standard.  Despite the easy sell, delivering end user support comes with a lot of challenges and high costs for providers.

Let’s say you want to give your customers in-house IT support from scratch.

To start, you need hiring, management, and infrastructure.

More specifically, you need to:

  • Hire IT support staff
  • Train IT support staff
  • Schedule IT support staff
  • Equip IT support Staff

Sounds doable until you start to do the math on providing support.… Read more

BitTitan: Microsoft’s Partner of the Month

We are excited to announce that BitTitan has been chosen as Microsoft’s Partner of the Month for April! Hooray! BitTitan’s VP of Worldwide Sales, Jennifer Martin, sits down with Microsoft’s Kirby White, to discuss setting apart your cloud business, making more money, partner collaboration and everything in-between.… Read more

In Memoriam of SQL Server 2005

SQL Server 2005, age 11, passed away on April 12, 2016 at Microsoft HQ. It was the father of several versions of SQL Server, including versions 2008, 2012, 2014 and 2016—not to mention Azure SQL.

Born in Redmond, Wash., SQL Server 2005 was the son of SQL Server 2000. He grew up looking to help people “reduce application downtime, increase scalability and performance, and provide tight-yet-flexible security controls,” as once described.

He loved data with a passion and collected all kinds with relish.… Read more

Why Office 365 Resellers Will Fail, Part 2: “Packaged IP” Is Not For Every Partner

In our last installment, we outlined several reasons why Office 365 resellers must focus on differentiation.  One of the approaches that Microsoft recommends is “Packaged IP” – creating intellectual property and bundling it with Office 365. For those of you who have the resources to build your own IP, this is an excellent idea. But what if application development and content creation aren’t core strengths of your business?

Microsoft has an answer. They suggest bundling in complementary services from Azure, like single sign-on and mobile device management.… Read more

Cloud Service Providers Are Beating On-Prem Competitors, But Still Have A Long Way To Go

IDC just published the first installment of a five part report about Microsoft’s partner ecosystem. The key takeaway: cloud-focused partners are beating their on-prem-focused competitors. Here are some numbers from the report:

  • Cloud partners are growing twice as fast year-over-year as their on-prem competitors (24% compared to 12%)
  • Cloud partners gross profit is 50% higher than their on-prem competitors (41% compared to 27%)
  • Cloud partners have 1.8 times more recurring revenue than on-prem partners (52% compared to 29%)

These numbers look good on the surface but, when you really analyze them, I think they show that cloud service providers still have a long way to go.… Read more

The Azure Opportunity for Managed Service Providers

While many companies have been migrating to Office 365 over the past few years—and many BitTitan partners have been helping them do it—Microsoft’s cloud platform Azure has been gaining momentum of its own. In fact, more than 1,000 new customers are now signing up for Azure every day.

You’ve likely heard how the cloud phenomenon is transforming the enterprise—not to mention small- and mid-sized businesses. As that transformation unfolds, so too does the opportunity for our Partners to help them.… Read more