How Core Values Drive a Winning Culture

Geeman Yip and BitTitan win Next Tech Titan at GeekWire Awards 2017

BitTitan had a few great wins.

“Holy crap, I wasn’t prepared.” Those were the first words from our CEO, Geeman Yip, as he accepted the GeekWire Award for Next Tech Titan last week.

425 Magazine Award Winner 2017 Best Business and Best Office SpaceIn the span of two days, our company won three amazing awards, competing with hundreds of businesses in the greater Seattle area where BitTitan is headquartered.

One day before we clinched our first-ever GeekWire win, BitTitan was honored as a Best Business and awarded Best Office Space by 425 Magazine—for the third consecutive year!… Read more

A Day in the Life at BitTitan, Part 2

“If we make our culture a priority, we can attract top talent that is passionate about what they do, and passionate about working at BitTitan.”


Darci Lee, our Director of Talent and Culture wrote this when we shared A Day in the Life at BitTitan, Part I, about our lead software design engineer Jason Ross.

Our products and community wouldn’t be the same without the personalities, talents, humor, and individual leadership of many different team members, so we’d like to introduce you to someone else.… Read more

BitTitan Media Presents: APC 2016

A #BTBoy domino chain, free coffee to jump start your day and the beautiful Gold Coast. Wow! What more could you ask for? In this episode of BitTitan Media Presents we go to down under for the 2016 Microsoft Australia Partner Conference aka APC 2016.

apc 2016

Follow BitTitan as they interview IT professional about the cloud, adding managed services and what a #ModernMSP really is at APC 2016.


WPC 2016: That’s a Wrap, Eh!

Everyone felt it in the air: WPC “got real” this year.
It was the most epic WPC we’ve ever experienced, regardless of the fact we got to party with Hodor. IT service providers have an amazing opportunity right in front of them and Toronto provided the perfect atmosphere for exploring it further—through presentations, demos, networking, and great conversations.

Now it’s time to be a modern MSP.
One of our amazing partners—who cinched a BitTitan Partner of the Year award—said that being a modern MSP means being nimble, which has placed his organization at the forefront of the cloud opportunity.… Read more

WPC 2016 Day 3: Taking Toronto By Storm

We and thousands of our closest friends (and friends we just haven’t met yet!) are still having a blast at WPC in Toronto! What happened yesterday? Here’s a quick recap from Tuesday:

Why was our CEO Geeman rolling around on the floor at the end of that video? The sheer joy of spending three days straight sharing innovative ideas with like-minded MSPs!

We also gave away $1,000 (U.S. dollars—that’s about $1,300 Canadian) to folks who stopped by our booth, collected thousands more in donations for Doctors Without Borders, and gave in-booth presentations for business and technical best practices for Microsoft partners.… Read more

WPC 2016: Day 2 Rocks!

More awesomeness is still going on in Toronto! We had a great second day at THE BIG EVENT! Here’s your zip-zap recap of WPC from Monday, July 11.

We’re in the thick of the events, which include plenty of informative sessions—best practices, industry trends and the like—both in our booth (#1501, just a reminder… though really, with our giant video screens hanging from the ceiling, you can’t miss it when you’re in the hall.)

WPC 2016: BitTitan Has Arrived!

WPC is finally here! And we can’t wait to share some of our highlights with you! Here’s your first daily recap from Sunday, July 10th at WPC in Toronto.

We had a day full of hustle and bustle, building the BitTitan booth in preparation for the Welcome Reception. It’s been great to see so many of our Partners already!

BitTitan packed the house at Malaparte for our third annual WPC party, “Game of Clouds.” We flew in the nearly-7-foot-tall actor and DJ Kristian Nairn (Game of Thrones’ Hodor) to hang out with us.… Read more

Introducing a New Resource for MSPs

At BitTitan, we’ve recently been taking a closer look at what is driving the success of our most innovative and profitable partners—those who we’re calling the “modern MSP.”

In speaking with them, we discovered that they have a LOT of experiences and best practices to share. And, going beyond that, we learned that our community of partners needs a better way to stay up to date with the trends and ideas that are sweeping across our industry.… Read more

The Road to WPC

Check out how our team has prepared for WPC in this BitTitan Media Presents premier, “Road to WPC.”

We’ll be interviewing IT professionals at WPC (Worldwide Partner Conference) and airing a new video recap each morning at 11:30 am ET at BitTitan booth 1501! Join us LIVE, or watch online—just follow @BitTitan and #ModernMSP.… Read more

A BitTitan Guide to Toronto: Part 2

In yesterday’s post we looked at some nearby attractions—some for diving deeper into discussions, and some for just getting away from work. Today’s recommendations are all about the belly.

Whether you’re with new business partners, coworkers, friends or family, there’s a spot in Toronto that’s sure to tickle your fancy. Check out the list of bars and restaurants that are within a quick jaunt or a short drive from the Centre.

Want to keep things close?Read more