Hosted Services Provider Uses MigrationWiz to Efficiently Onboard Customers to Its Hosted Exchange Offering

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“MigrationWiz was recommended by a number of our current resellers, which after investigation proved to be the most comprehensive and suitable migration tool available.”

Ian Beckworth
Business Development Manager
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Industry Leading Hosted Services Provider Uses MigrationWiz to Streamline the Onboarding Process for New Customers

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“We had a customer moving a ton of data to Rackspace. Using our internally developed tool, it would take us 90 days. We used MigrationWiz and it took a weekend!” 

Adam Williams
Product Manager of Migrations
and Onbaording

Rackspace needed an easy-to-use, automated, fast migration solution able to deal with the constant onboarding of a quickly growing number of customers. To identify the right solution, Williams needed to evaluate different solutions and determine which one would best fit Rackspace’s migration strategy.… Read more

IT Firm Uses MigrationWiz To Migrate SMB Customers

Anchor Network Solutions

“The MigrationWiz solution was simple and easy to understand while providing a seamless transition for the customer.”

Michael McFarland
Server Operations Manager
Anchor Network Solutions

Using MigrationWiz saved time managing complex migrations where traditional methods fell short. “We were experiencing some technical issues with one of our customers where the normal Microsoft methodologies for migration would not have worked without dedicating a significant amount of time first repairing their existing environment,” stated McFarland. “The MigrationWiz solution was simple and easy to understand while providing a seamless transition for the customer.”

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MigrationWiz Used to Provide a Transition to Office 365

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“Support has been exceptional. Honestly, I have been raving to people about it. Every time I emailed them, I received an answer within 5 minutes. Each time, the response demonstrated depth of knowledge and comprehension of the issue. Most issues were resolved immediately, despite the time difference.” 

Jacob Kino
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City of Big Rapids Makes a Cost-Effective Migration to the Cloud


“MigrationWiz is the end all be all for migrating from Gmail and the opportunities with the product are quickly approaching enterprise business levels.”

John Alumbaugh
Director of Consulting
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MigrationWiz Reduces the Time and Complexity Of Moving to the Cloud

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“MigrationWiz massively reduces the time and complexity of moving mailboxes from on-premise to hosted, especially where customers do not have significant bandwidth available.”

Mike Mitcheson
Technical Support Analyst
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Popular Pizza Restaurant Finds a Cost-Effective Solution to Its Communication Needs

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“The migration was easy to set up and went very well! We love our experience with Office 365 so far. It’s much more stable than before. We’re paying about 25% less for so many more features and benefits!” 

Curtis Stalnaker
Director of IT and Training Development
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Faster Onboarding Time to Exchange Allows IT Consulting Firm To Expand Their Business

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“MigrationWiz has given us a way to minimize liability and exposure to customer data and make onboarding Exchange a quick and easy process.”

Gregg Berretta
VP of Sales
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A Leader in Professional Cleaning Services Makes a Secure Move to a Reliable Communications System

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“Security was absolutely a concern. Because it was an IMAP migration, administrative access was unavailable and we had to specify user credentials for every mailbox. We definitely wanted to use a trusted partner for this migration; another reason for using MigrationWiz.”

Rob Bennet
Solutions Architect and Customer
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Company Increases Productivity With A Move to the Cloud

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“MigrationWiz worked perfectly. It did all I expected. The ‘on-the-fly’ migration was a good experience and saved me a lot of time!”

Tom Pauwels
Owner and CEO
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