Video Case Study: Transforming an SI into a Modern MSP

Learn how the award-winning Microsoft Partner Attunix uses MSPComplete to help them along their journey from a project-based systems integrator into a Modern MSP.

Attunix: At the critical junction point

CEO Matt O’Donnell founded Attunix in 2006 with a mission to be the critical junction point between corporate strategy and technological capabilities. In fact, the name “Attunix” comes from the idea of integration—to “attune” an organization.

The Seattle suburban IT service provider aligns C-suite strategy and needs with technology solutions to deliver powerful business outcomes across many areas of expertise, including Advanced Analytics, Modern Datacenter, App Modernization, and Internet of Things.… Read more

Sharing Success, Partner to Partner

We’re not just about migrations anymore.

In fact, we haven’t been for some time.

We’re all about helping our partners become Modern MSPs with the best tools, information, and support we can give them.

Microsoft recently wrote:

BitTitan understood long ago that migration services were just the first step in a long and evolving journey – once you migrated your customer’s workloads to the cloud, what then?”

Whatever that next step is, we have plenty of resources to help you grow your business.… Read more

Case Study Video: Blue Chip Consulting Group

At Blue Chip Consulting Group, automating cloud migration is mission-critical to the process of delivering enterprise strategies. With BitTitan MigrationWiz, Blue Chip can move their clients to the cloud quickly and easily, letting them focus on crafting unique solutions for their clients.

Learn more about how BitTitan helped Blue Chip move multiple workloads comprised of 5,000 users in more than 20 countries to the cloud—all in one weekend.

Breaking into the Enterprise: 12 TB in Two Days with MigrationWiz

Nearly 10,000 users. 20 TB of data in total. Two weekends to migrate. Mission: impossible? Not for us, nor for you.

Recently, our Service Engineering team had a unique opportunity: to deliver a large, complicated migration with a tight, unwavering timeframe. The expectation for a complete success was minimal, but in true BitTitan fashion, we huddled, shrugged, declared “here we go,”—and proceeded to hit it out of the park.

The problem:
BitTitan was approached by a partner to migrate 20 TB of data for their enterprise customer.… Read more

Partner Profile: SoftBank Technology

SoftBank Technology Japan Softbank Technology succeeded in winning back a total of over 20,000 users from Google between 2015 and 2016, and is the only company in Japan with successful experience in data migration of 10,000 users. To-date, Softbank Technology has a track record of 180 companies and 520,000 users for Office 365. For one of their clients – the largest company in the education industry in Japan – Softbank Technology delivered a complete migration of email, calendar data and complex permission settings, as well as data from Google Drive and Google Vault – all within five days.… Read more

Case Study: Successful Move From Enterprise Vault To Office 365 With Archive Migration-as-a-Service

BitTitan partner CGNET won a project to assess the IT needs of a California-based healthcare organization. During the assessment, CGNET learned that the organization had been using on-prem Exchange, and they calculated that the customer would realize greater organizational resilience by moving email to the cloud. CGNET helped their customer evaluate the top cloud platforms, and determined Office 365 offered the best combination of cost and functionality. This would mean migration from Enterprise Vault. The customer also engaged CGNET for the Office 365 implementation.… Read more

Agrei Consulting migrates 30K+ users to Office 365 from Google Apps

Agrei Consulting, a BitTitan partner based in New York, leveraged the Google Compete Starter Kit to get one of their biggest wins ever! Meet their CEO, Israel Heskiel, and learn how his team:

  • Closed one of the biggest Google Apps take-out deals in Office 365 history
  • Onboarded 30,000 users from Google Apps to Office 365
  • Migrated 40,000 mailboxes over four consecutive weekends
  • Migrated 40,000 Google Drive accounts with more than 200 terabytes of data to OneDrive
  • Migrated 70,000 Google Vault accounts with more than 300 terabytes of data to Exchange Online archiving
  • Laid the foundation for numerous additional cross-sell opportunities

Making Migration from Lotus Notes to Office 365 Easy with BitTitan

Microsoft Gold Partner Negotium specializes in helping its customers implement and deploy Microsoft CRM, collaboration and infrastructure solutions. Migrating its client Texel from Lotus Notes to Office 365, Negotium used BitTitan MigrationWiz for the project, and successfully completed the migration in less time, with great customer satisfaction.

Using BitTitan products, Negotium was able to achieve the following:

  • Simplified cross-platform migration of Lotus Notes to Office 365
  • Eliminated the need for remote desktop connectionswith DeploymentPro
  • Kept project costs low and maximized profitability

“The migration of emails, calendars, contacts and tasks have been a success with the help of BitTitan,” said Bastien Couve, Negotium.… Read more

ProServeIT Simplifies Challenging Mail Migration With BitTitan

Microsoft’s 2015 partner of the year in Canada, ProServeIT is a managed services and cloud solutions provider. In a migration for its customer the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) ProServeIT used BitTitan MigrationWiz to move more than 2,000 users from a fully managed hosted environment to the cloud. ProServeIT was able to successfully complete the complex migration quickly with the help of BitTitan.

Using BitTitan products, ProServeIT succeeded in:

  • Onboarded 2,000 mailboxes to Office 365 in a matter of days
  • Project succeeded despite lack of admin rights for the source environment
  • Delighted customer with efficient, fast migration experience

“We were happy to identify BitTitan and its MigrationWiz product to help us make this project a success,” said Jaime McMahon of ProServeIT.… Read more

Betach Solutions Uses BitTitan to Accelerate Customer Onboarding to Office 365

IT service provider Betach Solutions, based in Calgary, Canada, successfully completed one of their most challenging Office 365 migration projects ever using the powerful combination of BitTitan MigrationWiz workload migration and DeploymentPro desktop configuration. Their customer, Associated Engineering, an environmental consulting company with offices all over Canada, was delighted to experience absolutely zero downtime while their 1,000~ users were moved to the cloud. Betach also experienced several benefits from leveraging BitTitan on the project:

  • Cut project expenses and time onsite which increased profitability
  • Finished ahead of schedule freeing up their engineers for the next project
  • Created a super happy client increasing the likelihood of future up-sell opportunities

As Lawrence Gordey from Betach put it “BitTitan offered the only cost-effective option to provide the speed and ease we needed for the project.”


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