New MigrationWiz User Interface Gives Users Flexible Options

MigrationWiz provides users with plenty of flexible options to perform each project. After millions of successful migrations, we were able to identify three best practices that we now recommend to each customer: Big Bang, Pre-Stage, and Quick-Switch. The pros and cons of each type are explained further on our community site.

But in this post, we’ll  also let you know about some exciting changes we’ve added to the new MigrationWiz user interface that will make your migrations even easier.… Read more

Moving Mailboxes with MigrationWiz

There are a number of advantages to using MigrationWiz instead of built-in Microsoft migration tools, but the advantages also extend over those offered by various third-party tools as well.

We’ve heard a lot of positive feedback in recent months as we continue to make improvements to the product, ranging from how easy it is to move mailboxes from multiple source to destination folders, to how MigrationWiz operates with zero user downtime during each project. And now, Exchange Server MVP Jaap Wesselius has illustrated how easy and hassle-free it is to run a project with MigrationWiz.… Read more

Office 365 Clutter in Your Mailbox

One of the features that we have been waiting for in Office 365 is the clutter function. It will help you to streamline information in your inbox that you do not consider to be “important” but it is not to be marked as spam or junk emails.

This feature will you allow you to remove the less important or unimportant mails from your inbox and remove -hence the name- clutter.… Read more

MigrationWiz Dashboard makes you even more productive

When you are a company providing migration services to your customers it is sometimes hard to keep track of the progress of all the different migrations. ​A good, easy to use dashboard is a valuable tool in keeping that overview.

MigrationWiz wants to provide that overview to its users. Therefor we launched the new dashboard that will help you even more in your migration paths.… Read more

Inside BitTitan’s Mailbox Migration: Auto Discover Users

​MigrationWiz has built up a reputation of solid and trustworthy mailbox migrations. We are very proud that we already migrated over 1,500,000 mailboxes from several sources like GoogleApps, Lotus Notes, Exchange, etc. to multiple destinations like Office 365.… Read more

OneDrive for Business: a symptom of a paradigm shift in collaboration

MySites, Sky Drive Pro, OneDrive for Business… as long as we speak the same language does it really matter? Recently, Microsoft gave the competition a run for their money with some extraordinary press releases regarding OneDrive for Business. … Read more

Manual Public Folder Migration Exchange 2003

MigrationWiz will help you migrating your Public Folder Data from your source to a destination system as long as the source is Exchange 2007 or higher. MigrationWiz can migrate due API limitations no Public Folder Data from an Exchange 2003 source.

This blog post will help you learn how to migrate those public folders manually.

Public Folder data from your previous Exchange mailbox should be exported to .pst format.  In order to do this, Outlook must be connected to your source environment with appropriate permissions for the Public Folder that you will be migrating.… Read more

Migrating Google Apps to Office 365 without any downtime

When you migrate from Google Apps you can actually migrate to Office 365 without any downtime. … Read more