Make Money with Cloud-Focused IT Assessments

Are you generating revenue with IT assessments, or are you still giving them away for free to get your foot in the door? We’ve been hearing that an increasing number of IT service providers are shifting away from treating assessments as loss-leaders and turning them into a source of revenue. Although our Partners’ models vary, here’s a general overview of how they work:

Assessments as a loss leader

You can position your IT assessment as a key step in developing the strategic plan for your customer, and that plan can be treated as a standalone deliverable.… Read more

Tips and Tools to Help Your Software Troubleshooting and Debugging: Part 3 of 3

This post is the final in my three-part series about tools for debugging. Before diving in, be sure to read Part 1 and Part 2.

For today I’m going to discuss two tools: one is very easy to use; the other one is hard to use but extremely powerful.



Let’s start with Fiddler, the easy tool. According to the author of the tool, “Fiddler is a special-purpose proxy server that runs on your Windows, Linux, or Mac computer.Read more

Tips & Tools For Software Troubleshooting and Debugging: Part 2 of 3

This post is the next in my series about Tips & Tools for debugging—read my first post here.

At BitTitan, we log billions events a day, and we migrate millions of users. The scale is massive. By helping investigate and solve code-based performance issues using power tools, we reduce our cloud computing costs significantly. And we increase customer satisfaction by making migrations run faster.

At our scale when problems happen, they can be very difficult to track; that’s why we need great tools.… Read more

Migrating to Office 2016: Autodiscover

As you may have heard, Microsoft released Office 2016 a few weeks ago into general availability, so now the primary supported version of the Office suite is the 2016 version. (This is likely the last version to use a year as its version number.)

As you might expect, this new version means changes that can affect your migrations.

Outlook 2016 Better Overall for Users

If you have been using Office 365 and chose to go for a licensing model that includes Office, you will be familiar with Office Pro Plus—Microsoft’s Office service that allows you to install Office on five different machines.… Read more

Tips & Tools For Software Troubleshooting and Debugging: Part 1 of 3

As a Site Reliability Engineer for the SWAT team at BitTitan, my daily life consists of working on escalations coming from the Product Group or Support Team. I’m responsible for making sure migrations run efficiently and smoothly for millions of users and billions of items.  Before joining BitTitan, I spent 14 years working for Microsoft as an Escalation Engineer and Premier Field Engineer.

I love my job—so I’m happy that I was asked to share a few of my tips for software troubleshooting and debugging.… Read more

Old Databases, New Opportunity for Cloud-Focused Service Providers in 2016

The end is near for SQL Server 2005 databases. Microsoft will end all support in just a few months, leaving millions of SQL customer databases vulnerable to potential security breaches and customers without a channel to resolve issues with their SQL servers.  And the end is just around the corner for SQL Server 2008, too. This is great news for Managed Service Providers looking for a way to offer more services. Why? Because with no training, you can generate new revenue, helping your customers migrate to Azure SQL and avoid the risks of having no support for their aged database.… Read more

Time to Migrate from Exchange 2007

Now is the ideal time to migrate from Exchange 2007—and many of our Partners know it. We are seeing a very large number of migration projects from Exchange Server 2007. Typical Destination platforms include later versions of On-Premises Exchange, such as Exchange 2013 or 2016; Hosted Exchange; Office 365; or a hybrid On-Premises/cloud deployment.… Read more

Partnering with BitTitan: Turning Show-Stoppers into Game-Changers

Ever sent an email to a tech support alias, and received what felt like a response written by a robot? Even worse, ever felt like that robot doesn’t actually give you the help you need?

When you contact BitTitan support, you won’t have that problem. Our partners can attest. … Read more

Dealing with Terminated Employees During Migrations

You are migrating your company mailing system into Office 365, and tons of user mailboxes need to be migrated into Exchange Online. But how do you deal with terminated employees and users? Are you going to set up users and pay for an Office 365 license to get their data over as well?

Microsoft’s Office 365 has a lot of options to deal with terminating users when they are already on Office 365.

  • Converting the user mailbox into a shared mailbox.
Read more

SMTP Errors: We Get By With a Little Help From Our Friends

Earlier this week, António Vargas wrote a post on his blog about this SMTP error message he encountered while using MigrationWiz:

Your migration failed checking source credentials. The SMTP address has no mailbox associated with it. Error: ErrorNonExistentMailbox Detail: SmtpAddress

When you take a look on our community site, you will find that this error is usually generated when either the source or destination target does not exist. António went even further with this, and was so kind as to provide an explanation.Read more