The Key To IT Upsell Conversations

If you follow our blog, you may have noticed a theme of upselling/cross-selling how-tos and best practices lately. That’s because the upsell conversation with customers is one that’s tricky for many people—especially for IT professionals or SIs who a) don’t think it’s relevant to what they do, b) are technologists first and don’t exactly embrace the role of salesguy, or c) don’t know what to say.

Whether you exclusively do project work, or if you are dipping your toe in managed services (or even if you’ve embraced the idea of managed services), what makes for a great upsell conversation?… Read more

Next Generation Sync Client

When moving customers to the cloud, the first workload most often is migrating email from different source systems to Office 365. But Office 365 is not only for email. In different SKUs in Office 365 you will also find SharePoint and OneDrive for Business–here we speak about documents. If you look on a typical on-premises installation, you find different solutions, mostly file servers with different folders, including a folder for each  employee.

First we have to look at why such shared folders are implemented from the administrators.

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A Dev’s Perspective on Automation

At BitTitan, we develop products to automate the businesses of our partners, and automation is an equal and hugely important tool for me in my work as a lead software design engineer at BitTitan. Working at a company that has grown as quickly as BitTitan can sometimes leave you with limited resources. Without automation it can be very challenging to keep up with the pace required to keep moving quickly.

Benefits of Automation

Developing software can involve quite a few tedious or error-prone processes: Building or compiling code, deploying your software, installing/providing correct dependencies, running static analysis and code quality tools across many projects, running automated tests… the list goes on.… Read more

Why Smarter Upselling Means Greater Customer Lifetime Value

Earlier this year, IDC kicked off their five eBook Modern Partner Series with a detailed look into cloud trends and predictions. Part 1: The Booming Cloud Opportunity offered this important message to IT professionals:

“Companies that focus on business outcomes will more than likely outperform those that rely solely on selling IT ingredients to IT departments.”

Further to the point, “cloud partners”—those with cloud-related revenue at more than 50%—not only have double the growth of other partners, but higher gross profits with more attached value per Microsoft dollar.… Read more

Part 2: Sink, Swim Or Steer The Course Of The Cloud

This is part 2 of a blog series in response to a recent Redmond Channel Partners article. You can read part 1 here!

It’s no secret that just about all MSPs were technologists first—before they started their business. Most MSPs are IT providers at heart whose strength is not in sales and marketing. Even worse, the opportunities from “v1” of the cloud are drying up—not immediately, but we can see that shift happening soon.… Read more

Part 1: Sink, Swim Or Steer The Course Of The Cloud

This is part 1 of a 2-part blog series. Be sure to check back tomorrow for part 2!

A recent Redmond Channel Partners article “Does the Cloud Doom Microsoft MSPs?” discussed overwrought concerns about the business of the cloud—including “doom and gloom” predictions for MSPs who are heading to the cloud. Well, it’s a little overstated, to say the least, though it’s understandable that fears exist.

Despite threatening to cast the shadow of Mordor over MSPs, the article also points out correctly that many MSPs have thriving, robust businesses without making any transition to date.… Read more

Video: Google Coexistence

When you are migrating from Google Apps to Office 365 and you want to share free busy information between people on Google and Office 365, then the Coexistence service of BitTitan is the way to go. It will provide a translation service between Google Calendar and Office 365 calendar information. Check out this video below from Jethro Seghers, to see how it works and what the user experience is.

Video: Selling Multiple Workloads with OneDrive

Multi-workload migrations. They’re a great way to increase your profits on your projects. And you should have that conversation with the customers you are already working with. Why? Because it’s a lot more efficient to increase projects with customers you’re already working with… rather than going out and hunting down more customers who are ready to migrate their email. Besides, everyone has home drives that are ripe for migrating to OneDrive.

Check out this video featuring Jethro Seghers and Suzy McClure discussing how to get started selling and migrating to OneDrive as part of your projects.… Read more

Why Office 365 Resellers Will Fail, Part 1: Stop Pitching Office 365!

Earlier this month, Microsoft Partner Sales Executive, Justin Slagle, wrote a great article with a simple message: “You should stop pitching Office 365!” No, Justin has not gone rogue. He is trying to teach his partners a valuable lesson about differentiation. Office 365 has become a household name among businesses small and large and enjoys a dominant position in the market. On the surface this seems like a good thing for Microsoft partners but this actually creates several problems for resellers:

  • Even though Microsoft has done a good job of carving out opportunities to add value to Office 365 for partners, they still sell it directly on their web site and through Enterprise Agreements.
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16 Simple Steps for MSPs to Create a 24/7 Help Desk

The Value of 24/7 Help Desk

So, you want to provide 24/7 help desk support to your customers?  You’re not alone. Offering help desk for your customers and their end-users allows you to differentiate yourself from other MSPs and therefore win more contracts. It also helps you build deeper relationships with your customers which in turn gives you the opportunity upsell even more services they need. Eliminating emergency calls at 3 am doesn’t hurt either!

As the head of BitTitan’s Customer Success organization (also known as the tech support help desk), I lead the team that provides the always-available support that our customers (who are IT service providers) rely on to ensure they complete all of their projects on time.… Read more