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Hodor is Coming! Plus, Four More Reasons to Party with BitTitan at WPC

BitTitan is coming… 

WPC is just around the corner and there’s only one right way to kick off the biggest Microsoft partner conference of the year: with the most epic party in Toronto! Will you be there?

BitTitan is proud to present our third annual WPC party, “Game of Clouds,” sponsored by Ingram Micro and Dropbox. We are excited beyond belief to announce a very special guest!  Actor Kristian Nairn will be on site—and given he’s about seven feet tall, it won’t be tough to spot him!… Read more

Meet The Wiz and the BitTitan Team at WPC

Are you going to WPC? If so, you won’t want to miss the chance to meet with our team in person. The Wiz will be at the BitTitan booth #1501 for photos, joined by BitTitan cloud experts. Here are some of the smiling faces you can meet at WPC this year!

01-wiz-wpc The Wiz joined BitTitan in 2011 and has since migrated more than 4.2 million users across 107,000 companies to the cloud. In addition to his lightning-fast migration powers, he boasts a heroic sense of duty to help transform IT service providers into modern MSPs.… Read more

Why Smarter Upselling Means Greater Customer Lifetime Value

Earlier this year, IDC kicked off their five eBook Modern Partner Series with a detailed look into cloud trends and predictions. Part 1: The Booming Cloud Opportunity offered this important message to IT professionals:

“Companies that focus on business outcomes will more than likely outperform those that rely solely on selling IT ingredients to IT departments.”

Further to the point, “cloud partners”—those with cloud-related revenue at more than 50%—not only have double the growth of other partners, but higher gross profits with more attached value per Microsoft dollar.… Read more

The 3 Greatest Challenges Of Upselling In The Cloud

Upselling is a crucial part of driving a successful cloud business, especially if you’re looking to build recurring revenue. As a Microsoft partner, attaching more products and services to existing deals can pay off with great incentives—especially in the cloud. In a recent eBook, The Modern Microsoft Partner Series, Part 1: The Booming Cloud Opportunity, IDC pointed out that their most successful cloud partners attach more value to Microsoft Cloud Solutions—to the tune of $5.87 in partner revenue for every $1 of Microsoft revenue.… Read more

Part 1: Sink, Swim Or Steer The Course Of The Cloud

This is part 1 of a 2-part blog series. Be sure to check back tomorrow for part 2!

A recent Redmond Channel Partners article “Does the Cloud Doom Microsoft MSPs?” discussed overwrought concerns about the business of the cloud—including “doom and gloom” predictions for MSPs who are heading to the cloud. Well, it’s a little overstated, to say the least, though it’s understandable that fears exist.

Despite threatening to cast the shadow of Mordor over MSPs, the article also points out correctly that many MSPs have thriving, robust businesses without making any transition to date.… Read more

Newbie’s First Impressions of BitTitan Culture

I’m writing this on day eight as a BitTitan employee—and the dust is far from settled. I’ve been told the firehose of information will become more manageable in time, but I should expect to always feel busy. There’s a lot of work to do, I just hope I’ll survive!

Let me clarify: BitTitan is beyond amazing, so I don’t mean to start off sounding like journal entry in some mountaineering expedition gone wrong. After my first week, I expected I’d be overwhelmed by information, but I had no way to prepare myself for being overwhelmed with the other feelings, too—like excitement, gratitude, and a little bit of disbelief that I’ve landed such a sweet gig.… Read more