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Partner Spotlight: GoCloud Systems & Concierge

Meet GoCloud Systems

gocloud-logo-largeGoCloud Systems of Wellington, New Zealand is a Microsoft Gold Partner and Microsoft Cloud Specialist in Office 365, Azure, and Dynamics CRM. A fast-growing company, this Modern MSP is focused on strengthening relationships and delivering customer lifetime value in the cloud.

David Brabant, co-founder of GoCloud, has been in IT for over 20 years, riding the waves of the changes in the industry to build a successful business on the cutting edge. “We’re just focused on the cloud,” he explained.Read more

Closing the Gap of the Managed Services Expert

The cloud has brought about a new era for selling IT services, and it asks a lot of providers. Say it with me: caveat venditor. Okay, I don’t speak Latin either, but it means “let the seller beware.” Gone are the days of caveat emptor—“let the buyer beware”—when decision makers lacked access to information and feared being swindled by the likes of a used car salesman. Now your customers have every opportunity to learn exactly what to ask: quality in cloud services.… Read more

Partner Spotlight: Insync Technology & HealthCheck for Azure

Meet Insync Technology

insync_auMicrosoft’s Australian Emerging Partner of the Year in 2015, Insync Technology is blurring the lines between a traditional Systems Integrator (SI) and a Managed Services Provider (MSP). The company, based in Newstead (just north of Brisbane), boasts high customer retention due to its commitment to innovation and deep expertise regarding platforms, productivity, and identity. Although Insync claims no likeness to the popular 90’s boy band, it still manages to make customers’ hearts throb with powerful business solutions for industries including education, local government, and corporate enterprise.… Read more

Inbound Marketing for the Modern MSP: Know Thy Sales Funnel

Once again I find myself nodding along to a Todd Hussey article on ModernMSP.com—this time about the buyer’s journey. As Todd dishes out nuggets of sales and marketing wisdom, I can’t help but think how crucial this information is for an industry; That’s reaching a significant turning point in how they conduct their business.

At a high level, the most important takeaways are to understand your audience and learn how to help them understand you.… Read more

Why Recurring Revenue Profitability Relies On New Business

In a recent article, cloud and tech guru Todd Hussey explained the importance of understanding the Cost of Customer Acquisition (COC) when growing your IT services business in the next era of the cloud.

As cloud adoption rises, more and more providers have set their sights on a recurring revenue model. The “profitability” discussion around the cloud emphasizes the value of managed services over one-off projects. This naturally evokes a rally around retention efforts and maximizing customer lifetime value; but there’s a danger in too narrow a focus on your existing customer base.… Read more

A WPC 2016 Retrospective: Azure, CSPs, Automation, and More.


Gwen Stefani said it best: WPC was “B-A-N-A-N-A-S.” Cool trends, innovative ideas, enlightening conversations, and one spectacular demo of Microsoft HoloLens technology. But what do IT pros need to take away from WPC to drive their business in the coming year?


You couldn’t go 20 minutes or 20 feet at WPC without hearing something about Azure. It came up multiple times in Satya’s presentation. It’s the fastest-growing cloud infrastructure with more than 120,000 new subscriptions each month and provides a world of opportunity for partners.… Read more

Meet the New BitTitan.com. It’s a Lot Like Us!

If our corporate website were sentient and had a mantra, perhaps it would be “change is good.”

Okay, BitTitan.com may not be alive in the sense that it breathes, but heaven knows we’ve reared it with great care at every step of its redesign, such that we got more than just a little emotional releasing it into the wild. Through its evolution, the new site has gained some of our favorite human attributes, transforming the Beast into quite a Beauty—beyond sheer appearances, of course!… Read more

Ready for Liftoff? Try the New MSPComplete Preview

We showed off the new Preview version of our MSPComplete platform at WPC. The reactions thrilled us as much as it did our partners. As our Founder and CEO mentioned in our WPC recap video, “Partners were super excited for us to help them be profitable and transform themselves into a modern MSP.”

You can preview the newest version of MSPComplete and gain better visibility of your customers and projects in just a few clicks.… Read more

WPC 2016: That’s a Wrap, Eh!

Everyone felt it in the air: WPC “got real” this year.
It was the most epic WPC we’ve ever experienced, regardless of the fact we got to party with Hodor. IT service providers have an amazing opportunity right in front of them and Toronto provided the perfect atmosphere for exploring it further—through presentations, demos, networking, and great conversations.

Now it’s time to be a modern MSP.
One of our amazing partners—who cinched a BitTitan Partner of the Year award—said that being a modern MSP means being nimble, which has placed his organization at the forefront of the cloud opportunity.… Read more

WPC 2016: BitTitan Has Arrived!

WPC is finally here! And we can’t wait to share some of our highlights with you! Here’s your first daily recap from Sunday, July 10th at WPC in Toronto.

We had a day full of hustle and bustle, building the BitTitan booth in preparation for the Welcome Reception. It’s been great to see so many of our Partners already!

BitTitan packed the house at Malaparte for our third annual WPC party, “Game of Clouds.” We flew in the nearly-7-foot-tall actor and DJ Kristian Nairn (Game of Thrones’ Hodor) to hang out with us.… Read more