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Stub Rehydration: What You Need to Know

Some backstory: In the “old” days, mail systems didn’t have 50 GB mailboxes like in Office 365 (I know it’s hard to believe, but trust me). Mailboxes were small because the storage of mailboxes was expensive. Saving and retrieving data had to be fast, and equally so the storage, requiring high-RPM disks. That meant that you had to invest in more expensive storage. Increasing a mailbox size had the downside of a much higher price in storage costs.… Read more

Video: Google Coexistence

When you are migrating from Google Apps to Office 365 and you want to share free busy information between people on Google and Office 365, then the Coexistence service of BitTitan is the way to go. It will provide a translation service between Google Calendar and Office 365 calendar information. Check out this video below from Jethro Seghers, to see how it works and what the user experience is.

Agrei Consulting migrates 30K+ users to Office 365 from Google Apps

Agrei Consulting, a BitTitan partner based in New York, leveraged the Google Compete Starter Kit to get one of their biggest wins ever! Meet their CEO, Israel Heskiel, and learn how his team:

  • Closed one of the biggest Google Apps take-out deals in Office 365 history
  • Onboarded 30,000 users from Google Apps to Office 365
  • Migrated 40,000 mailboxes over four consecutive weekends
  • Migrated 40,000 Google Drive accounts with more than 200 terabytes of data to OneDrive
  • Migrated 70,000 Google Vault accounts with more than 300 terabytes of data to Exchange Online archiving
  • Laid the foundation for numerous additional cross-sell opportunities

Migrating to Office 2016: Autodiscover

As you may have heard, Microsoft released Office 2016 a few weeks ago into general availability, so now the primary supported version of the Office suite is the 2016 version. (This is likely the last version to use a year as its version number.)

As you might expect, this new version means changes that can affect your migrations.

Outlook 2016 Better Overall for Users

If you have been using Office 365 and chose to go for a licensing model that includes Office, you will be familiar with Office Pro Plus—Microsoft’s Office service that allows you to install Office on five different machines.… Read more

MigrationWiz extends its support for Exchange 2016 with Public Folders

Ever since Exchange 2016 was released in preview, MigrationWiz was able to support Exchange 2016 as a source and as a destination for mailboxes. We are now happy to announce that Public Folders are supported as well.

Just go to MigrationWiz, sign in and select public folders migrations when you create a project.  Visit our community site for more resources and step by step migration guides.… Read more

MigrationWiz Increases Transparency with Enterprise-level Logging

There is a lot more involved in migrations than moving or copying data from one location to another. Involvement depends upon the kind of data you migrate or if you want a lot more information (e.g. what is the new URL of file X, what information was read for the source, which attachments were too big, etc.). In many cases, this information is not only interesting to the customer, but can also be critical to audit reporting.… Read more

Stay Organized with Custom Tags in MigrationWiz

If you’ve used MigrationWiz, you’ve probably also used its sorting and filtering options to further streamline your migration projects. These options include Created Date, Last Updated Date, Source Email, Destination Email and Status. And now, based on some great user feedback we’ve received, we’ve taken things a step further: custom tagging is now available in MigrationWiz.… Read more

Cost-Effective Mailbox and Document Migration to Office 365

Imagine this — your customer is ready to migrate from Google Apps to Office 365. The whole suite has to be migrated: Google Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Drive. MigrationWiz is already the perfect one-stop suite to perform these types of migrations, but we’ve added a new option that makes it even better. Now you can perform document migration to Office 365 at an even better cost.… Read more