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Cloud Service Providers Are Beating On-Prem Competitors, But Still Have A Long Way To Go

IDC just published the first installment of a five part report about Microsoft’s partner ecosystem. The key takeaway: cloud-focused partners are beating their on-prem-focused competitors. Here are some numbers from the report:

  • Cloud partners are growing twice as fast year-over-year as their on-prem competitors (24% compared to 12%)
  • Cloud partners gross profit is 50% higher than their on-prem competitors (41% compared to 27%)
  • Cloud partners have 1.8 times more recurring revenue than on-prem partners (52% compared to 29%)

These numbers look good on the surface but, when you really analyze them, I think they show that cloud service providers still have a long way to go.… Read more

8 Steps to Selling Multiple Workloads & Attaching Managed Services

As the head of sales here at BitTitan, I talk to dozens of Partners every week, and almost all of them are trying to figure out how to sell multiple workloads and attach managed services to their Office 365 projects. Google Apps customers are perfect targets because they’ve already demonstrated a willingness to run productivity in the cloud, and most of them are using at least two or more workloads. It helps that Microsoft’s Office 365 functionality have made it a no-brainer for Google Apps customers to make the switch.… Read more

The Azure Opportunity for Managed Service Providers

While many companies have been migrating to Office 365 over the past few years—and many BitTitan partners have been helping them do it—Microsoft’s cloud platform Azure has been gaining momentum of its own. In fact, more than 1,000 new customers are now signing up for Azure every day.

You’ve likely heard how the cloud phenomenon is transforming the enterprise—not to mention small- and mid-sized businesses. As that transformation unfolds, so too does the opportunity for our Partners to help them.… Read more