After the Modern MSP Revolution, Part 2: The Technical Vision

If you missed yesterday’s post—the business dream—you can read it here.

The Modern MSP revolution is here. You can’t wait to rid your work of the things that annoy you—manual, repetitive tasks, constant interruptions to provide status updates, confusing assignments that should have gone to another engineer with the right expertise…

As much as you love your job, you know there’s a better way to work. You’re confident that with the right tools and processes, you’ll be a crucial driver as your organization champions the cloud era.

What will it mean to have succeeded as a Modern MSP?

It’s easy to deliver a project the same way every time.

  • MSP RevolutionYou’ve standardized delivery and improved consistency, compliance, and quality across your portfolio of services.
  • With detailed, documented processes, you and your team spend less time debating best practices and more time delivering them.

Unparalleled visibility has improved communication and project management.

  • You can quickly and easily communicate the status of every service to stakeholders—internally and externally.
  • Project managers know where you stand and aren’t interrupting your work for updates, so everyone has more time to focus on what’s important.

Everyone is engaged with appropriately assigned work.

  • Senior resources are reserved for strategic work, instead of completing projects start to finish and wasting time on simpler tasks.
  • Junior resources receive manageable work that teaches them new skills—without the fear of difficult tasks causing a delay.

You’ve eliminated repetitive, time-consuming tasks.

  • By automating menial tasks, you can more efficiently deliver projects and add value where the human touch is necessary.
  • You’re using the time saved to focus on customer relationships, take on more work, and develop new skills.

Training for new services is fast and easy.

  • Your team learns new skills quickly through documented, prescriptive guidance for delivering services according to best practices.
  • Scalable processes afford you the bandwidth to build and deploy new services faster.

Essentially, you’re expanding abilities like never before. Your team is operating efficiently and consistently, delivering quality work to impress customers and drive lifetime value. Best of all, you love your job every single day.

But how will we make this a reality? We’ll #EndAnnoyingWork.

Take your first step toward a better world.

If you missed our product announcement, you can catch up on all that the new MSPComplete platform offers with these launch resources.  **Spoiler alert!** BitTitan is on a mission to deliver what’s described above, and the MSPComplete platform is helping us all get there.

Then take a moment to envision your future: When your team is running even smoother than the technologies you deploy for customers, what will you do next as an all-star employee?