7 Things You Didn’t Know You Needed to Know about MSPComplete

Wow, 2016 has been busy. We’ve had to remind ourselves that we only launched MSPComplete earlier this year! Since then, we’ve introduced a lot of improvements, updates, and new features to help you execute your projects more smoothly and make the cloud more profitable.

Let’s raise a glass to 2016 approaching its end, and take a look at seven things you can do in MSPComplete to help you improve your business. 

  1. Create end users once and use them across all projects.

There’s no need to repeatedly create users. Users and their information can be accessed across multiple projects once they’re in MSPComplete.

  1. Deploy one Device Management Agent (DMA) for many uses.

Improved DMA functionality means if you’ve already run HealthCheck for Office 365, you can configure Outlook profiles with DeploymentPro. No additional agent install is required! The same agent also helps to power upsell and cross-sell Suggestions.

  1. Import end users via CRM or Google (Gmail).

You can also populate users by creating endpoints, by using the DMA, or manually by CSV file (batch upload) or Quick Add (individual users).

  1. Share customers in MSPComplete.

You can invite others to access your customers from their own MSPComplete dashboard. Now they can leverage the endpoints and users already configured for a particular customer when creating a new MigrationWiz project. Learn how to do it here.

  1. Add Quick Tasks to improve project management.

Quick Tasks are found in the Service Center within the customer view. You can use them to track important steps of a project that aren’t automated by the BitTitan tools you’re using. For example, “Set up a kick-off call with the customer.”

  1. Find upsell/cross-sell opportunities within feeds.

Based on real customer data gathered through the DMA, MSPComplete populates upsell and cross-sell Suggestions. Find a customer’s specific Suggestions under the customer feed, or filer through Suggestions for all customers in your personal feed.

  1. View commonly used products in the waffle menu.

Check out the waffle menu in the top right corner of MSPComplete. It’s designed to give you quick access to your most commonly used BitTitan products. Save time by saving your favorites.


Are you taking full advantage of MSPComplete?

Check out the user guide to learn about more features and functionality.


Here’s a bonus round…

In addition to great improvements to our platform, we had some great new products and updates to help you tackle multi-workload projects. Some of our favorites are listed below.

  1. Offload the heavy lifting with Archive Migration Service.

This white-glove service lets you collect the added project revenue from an email archive migration while BitTitan performs the work for you—start to finish, including stub rehydration.

  1. Migrate documents to OneDrive faster than ever.

The Lightspeed feature makes document migrations to OneDrive six to seven times faster! Shorten your project timelines and wow your customers with a lightning-fast document migration.

  1. Migrate to Dropbox from nearly any source.

Our partnership with Dropbox not only introduced a new migration destination, but expanded possibilities for bundled cloud solutions in the realm of collaboration.


So what were your most exciting improvements to your business this year?