Video Partner Profile: Simple ID on Concierge

In our latest video partner profile, learn how BitTitan partner Simple ID is transforming their business with Concierge, a 24/7 IT help desk service-as-a-service.

Learn more about Concierge with our datasheet.… Read more

#KickSomeAzure With Assessment Tip #2

Industry estimates for the benefits of Azure can only bring conversations with customers so far.

Last week we focused on starting the Azure conversation. This week, we’re ready to keep the conversation flowing with the second tip in our series about preparing and delivering assessments.

Tip #2: Treat questions about Azure as an opportunity to explain the value of assessments!

With so many different types of concerns, it’s critical to use customer questions to identify which ones an assessment can answer best.Read more

Introducing: Azure Campaign-in-a-Box Part I

ksa_campaign_240x140We’ve heard from many BitTitan partners that they struggle with sales and marketing content. Well, we have some good news. We’re giving you FREE tools to run your own Azure marketing campaign and assessment workshops. We’re doing all of this to help you answer one question:

“How do I get my customers interested in an Azure conversation?”

Azure conversations can lead to consumption, which translates to recurring revenue. But finding ways to get the word out while demonstrating expertise can be tough when you’re busy running a business.… Read more

#KickSomeAzure With Assessment Tips! (Part 1)


We’re all about helping our partners #KickSomeAzure!

A big step to help customers understand the value of Azure is to run an assessment. Over the next three weeks, we’ll feature three of the best lessons we’ve learned about preparing and delivering assessments that make customers ready for the move to Azure. Today, we’re talking about getting the assessment conversation started.

TIP #1: Get Talking: Explain the opportunities and benefits of running an assessment!

It’s really easy to tell someone why something is great but it’s harder to prove it’s great for them.Read more

Closing the Gap of the Managed Services Expert

The cloud has brought about a new era for selling IT services, and it asks a lot of providers. Say it with me: caveat venditor. Okay, I don’t speak Latin either, but it means “let the seller beware.” Gone are the days of caveat emptor “let the buyer beware” when decision makers lacked access to information and feared being swindled by the likes of a used car salesman. Now buyers—your clients—have every opportunity to know exactly what they’re getting from you: quality in cloud services.… Read more

Vote for BitTitan Experts, Nominated as Top European SharePoint Influencers

Vote for Hans Brender and Jethro Seghers!

Once again, two BitTitan experts and Microsoft MVPs have been nominated for the Top 25 European SharePoint Influencers. Cast your vote now for Hans Brender and Jethro Seghers, our collaboration all-stars!


Last year’s voters ranked both Hans and Jethro in the top 10 for European Office 365 influencers. Since then, both MVPs have moved into new roles with BitTitan. Hans supports the team as a Cloud Ranger, while Jethro has transitioned as a Partner Solution Enablement Lead.… Read more

Partner Spotlight: Insync Technology & HealthCheck for Azure

Meet Insync Technology

insync_auMicrosoft’s Australian Emerging Partner of the Year in 2015, Insync Technology is blurring the lines between a traditional Systems Integrator (SI) and a Managed Services Provider (MSP). The company, based in Newstead (just north of Brisbane), boasts high customer retention due to its commitment to innovation and deep expertise regarding platforms, productivity, and identity. Although Insync claims no likeness to the popular 90’s boy band, it still manages to make customers’ hearts throb with powerful business solutions for industries including education, local government, and corporate enterprise.… Read more

School Bus Figure 8 and Innovation

Today’s guest blogger is Jeff Salanco of Tech Data Cloud.

A race track by our office has this thing, a spectacle of sorts…it’s called “School Bus Figure 8 Racing.” Pretty self-explanatory…school buses race on a figure 8 track, often smashing into each other at the intersection (and pretty much everywhere else along the way). Lots of debauchery and possibly some alcohol consumption. In case you were wondering, I live in Florida…but you probably could have guessed that.… Read more

How Three Microsoft Partners Used Automation to Become Modern MSPs

If you want to take your business to the next level it is essential to attach managed services to your offerings through automation. Learn how three Microsoft partners did just that and in the process became ModernMSPs.

The Help Desk Dilemma: To Outsource or Not?

Do We Build It Ourselves?

We recently posted about building better IT help desk solutions.

It’s a decision worth considering from a number of angles. Cost-benefit analysis, risk assessment, and quality control are major factors when examining the option to outsource any business function.

IT support is a common crossroad for the decision of whether or not to outsource. It’s a decision that’s equal parts necessary and delicate for both the company and the end user.… Read more