Partner Spotlight: Sam Restifo, Microsoft MSP Business Development Lead, APAC

This month, we’re focusing on Cloud Profitability with MSPComplete.

On June 21st, we partnered with Sam Restifo, Microsoft MSP Business Development Lead for the APAC region for our Cloud Profitability Webinar series discussing how MSPComplete can help partners grow their cloud business through standardization.

Early in his career, Sam used his background in engineering and architecture to develop and deliver the first in-market Microsoft Cloud OS Network platform in Australia. Today, Sam uses twelve years of experience with cloud and managed services technology to help partners in APAC drive business growth through Azure.… Read more

Partner Spotlight: Melissa Mulholland, Microsoft Partner Cloud Profitability Lead

This month, we partnered with Melissa Mullholland, Cloud Profitability Lead at Microsoft, to help partners succeed with the Microsoft CSP program and become Modern MSPs with MSPComplete.

At Microsoft, Melissa is the worldwide lead driving strategy and business development for profitability in the cloud. She spent the last 7 years at Microsoft in the small and medium customer partner segment across roles in sales, operations, and marketing. Most recently, she led the strategy and execution of programs across 200 of Microsoft’s sales leads globally, deepening her knowledge of cloud challenges and growth across developed and emerging markets.… Read more

What’s an Automated Runbook?

What’s an automated runbook, and why do you need it to get organized?

The short answer: it’s how we bring your documentation and intellectual property to life in MSPComplete. Automated runbooks operationalize your best practices and ensure that your services are delivered with consistency—the key to increasing satisfaction for your customers and profitability for your business.

You’ve got systems in place that turn alerts into tickets and tickets into bills; you’ve got a wealth of scripts you can run that help address customer pains with the products and technologies they’re using; but there’s something missing.Read more

5 Ways to Boost CSP Profitability with MSPComplete

If you’re a Microsoft partner who wants to take full advantage of Office 365 and Azure opportunities through the CSP program, have we got a listicle for you! Aww man, another listicle? We promise you great information and helpful resources.

Earlier this year, we released the new MSPComplete, which has more value for partners looking to maximize CSP profitability than ever before.

1.    Attend our CSP profitability webinar

Join BitTitan as we partner with two cloud experts for our webinars in the U.S.… Read more

Partner Spotlight: Japan Business Systems & MSPComplete

Meet JBS

Japan Business Systems (JBS) is an IT solutions provider founded in 1990 upon its “Customer First” principle. A Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with expert proficiencies across the full IT lifecycle, JBS has also been repeatedly recognized as a Microsoft Partner of the Year.

In 2013, JBS began its partnership with BitTitan, using MigrationWiz to move customer email and data to the cloud. With the development of the new MSPComplete platform, BitTitan offered to help JBS build out a streamlined CSP onboarding service.… Read more

Video Case Study: Transforming an SI into a Modern MSP

Learn how the award-winning Microsoft Partner Attunix uses MSPComplete to help them along their journey from a project-based systems integrator into a Modern MSP.

Attunix: At the critical junction point

CEO Matt O’Donnell founded Attunix in 2006 with a mission to be the critical junction point between corporate strategy and technological capabilities. In fact, the name “Attunix” comes from the idea of integration—to “attune” an organization.

The Seattle suburban IT service provider aligns C-suite strategy and needs with technology solutions to deliver powerful business outcomes across many areas of expertise, including Advanced Analytics, Modern Datacenter, App Modernization, and Internet of Things.… Read more

How Core Values Drive a Winning Culture

Geeman Yip and BitTitan win Next Tech Titan at GeekWire Awards 2017

BitTitan had a few great wins.

“Holy crap, I wasn’t prepared.” Those were the first words from our CEO, Geeman Yip, as he accepted the GeekWire Award for Next Tech Titan last week.

425 Magazine Award Winner 2017 Best Business and Best Office SpaceIn the span of two days, our company won three amazing awards, competing with hundreds of businesses in the greater Seattle area where BitTitan is headquartered.

One day before we clinched our first-ever GeekWire win, BitTitan was honored as a Best Business and awarded Best Office Space by 425 Magazine—for the third consecutive year!… Read more

Introducing: All-New MSPComplete Onboarding with Our Director of Partner Happiness

Alexa Smith is serious about keeping BitTitan partners happy, engaged, and connected as we grow with MSPComplete.

That’s why we didn’t just launch a new managed services automation platform on April 4 — we launched an all-new onboarding program for everyone who registers to use MSPComplete.

Meet the hilarious, quirky, and compassionate woman behind it all by watching the video below. Hint: She’s got dance moves. Then, keep reading to learn more about partner onboarding!… Read more

Daring Demo Video: Device Management Agent

In this Daring Demo video, Darrell “Jekyll” Webster and Jethro “Brainiac” Seghers explain how the Device Management Agent (DMA) allows you to monitor and assess your customer’s computers and resources through the MSPComplete platform.

The power of Device Management in MSPComplete

The DMA in MSPComplete provides valuable information about the health of your customer’s devices.

  • The DMA Client version collects information about the computer it’s installed on, including the computer name, users, operating system version, processor, memory, disk space, and installed browsers.
Read more

Three Lessons to Unlearn as a Modern MSP

On October 16, BitTitan partners will gather in Denver, Colorado for Elevate, the conference for the Modern MSP.  We’ll share expertise, explore industry insights, pursue a competitive edge, and embrace opportunity in the changing industry with the new MSPComplete.

To help us get in the right mindset, we’ve invited “futurist” Jack Uldrich as our first keynote speaker.

Jack Uldrich is an award-winning author and recognized speaker who will address us about “unlearning” some assumptions and habits around technology, change management, and leadership.… Read more